2020 Family First Life Annual Convention Day One Recap


Welcome to the Family First Life 2020 Annual Convention Day 1 Recap!  Let’s just jump right in!!


Starting the day I got to walk down the line which reached around the corner and up the way.  The LIVE on Facebook showed the enthusiasm and excitement of the crowd.  Even though the line was long the registration went well and people were good-natured even though they had to stand in line.  What I found interesting this year is that among the diverse set of attendees were babies!  The image of Mom’s listening to the training with a baby over her shoulder rocking him is the epitome of multitasking. A testament to Family First Life’s agents and their ability to work hard taking care of their families and the families of their clients.


As said best from the Lead Concepts rep,  “Family First Life’s single-mindedness is impressive.”

Leads are the lifeblood of your business with Family First Life so it is fitting we start the convention with a Lead Seminar.  Andrew Taylor and Sasha Alba hosted this event. It started with a run-down of the CRM.  The lead vendors then had their time to share what they can do for the agents. Having a variety of leads from different lead sources is vital to run your business.  This was followed by having agents talking about the different leads and their experiences.


At the Retirement Seminar, Sean Ruggiero made Fixed Indexed approachable. He has a warm easy way about him and it is his mission to demystify annuities. His mission is to eliminate taxes and risk on American’s hard-earned retirement funds. Next was Chris from Athene.  They were so informative and taught all agents how they can take part in selling annuities and the advantages of annuities for their clients. Marc Kinder from Premier Social Security Consulting spoke about the advantage of the NSSA Program Certificate which is offered to a deep discount for all FFL Agents.  The top annuity producers were next sharing the secrets to their success! Next up was Tom Hegna! He is a compelling and dynamic speaker.  He comes across loud and clear.  He talked about great tips and information to help all agents in home today.  His stories were rich and one of his best lines was focus on “helping not selling.” He knows insurance and how to help you help more clients.


Unfortunately, I missed Shawn Meaike’s Q and A but I was riveted by the Woman’s Seminar. Sasha and Jazmine Alba’s story of their lives was so powerful. They need two TrueTalks- one for each of them. I won’t share it here but they are some powerful women.  Next up was Precious Smith, Hiring Manager of FFL. Precious was such a succinct and well-spoken young woman. Her story was all about becoming uncomfortable and finding success. Powerhouse agents Millie Porcena, Linda Lampasso, and Danielle Byrne shared their stories next.  All talked about how to push through and outwork a situation. All had lived through adversity but have succeeded.


The day ended with the top producer dinner. What a good time! On top of some bonuses handed out by some of the carriers, we got to see the top producers ride the mechanical bull. If you are not a top producer it is a reason to become one!


Bet day two is even more jammed packed. Stay tuned!!