The Family First Life corporate staff is comprised of a team of highly motivated professionals working together to create an elective, welcoming environment.

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Shawn Meaike


Visit Shawn on Instagram β€’ Facebook β€’ YouTube β€’ TikTok β€’ LinkedIn

Mike Sizer

Director of Operations

Han shot first β€’ Gamer Dad β€’ Loud music

Sasha Alba

Leads Director

Crochet addict β€’ Sudoku lover β€’ Enthusiastically optimistic

Corinne Herren

Contracting Manager

Mother of three β€’ Lover of sarcasm and caffeine

Jazmine Alba

Agent Support Manager

Foster parent β€’Β Star Wars fan β€’Β Dog lover

Bill Greenleaf

Operations Manager

Conscientious β€’ Heavy metal β€’ Great outdoors

Katherine Rose

Executive Assistant

Creativity junky β€’ Practical optimist β€’ Mother of cats and humans

Precious Smith

Agent Liaison

Believer β€’ Travel enthusiast β€’ Anime addict

Naomi Bouchey

Art Director

Graphic designer β€’ Gamer β€’ Pet Mom

Bridget Scanlon


Dreamer β€’ Cat lover β€’ Sweet as pie

Nicole Almonte-Mateo


Mom β€’ Detail oriented β€’ Island gal β€’ Event planner / decorator

Laura Rodriguez


Dog Mom β€’ Cosmetologist / Fashionista β€’ Modest

Elizaldy Hilario

Administrative Assistant

Dancer β€’ Rose gold lover β€’ Optimistic

Jovan Ibes

Social Media Manager

Gym β€’ Netflix β€’ Meme King

Sergio Lorenzano

Social Media Manager

Gamer β€’ Traveler β€’ Car enthusiast

Jordan Brunsdon

Administrative Assistant

Mom x2Β  β€’ 80’s Baby β€’ Workout Enthusiast

Tahnee Whitehead


Traveler β€’ Cat lover β€’ Music

Tanya Brunsdon


Dog Mom β€’ Gamer β€’ Outdoors β€’ Crochet

Samantha Wexler

Marketing Assistant

Realist β€’ Wanderer β€’ Boy Mom x2

Ashley Bressette


Singer β€’ Ukulele lover β€’ Grateful to be here

Keena White


Kittens β€’ Candles β€’ Cooking / baking β€’ Proud Hufflepuff

Beth Churchill

Accounts Payable

Avid reader β€’ Adventure seeker β€’ Food enthusiast

Trevor Swabby

Contracting Liaison

Girl Dad β€’ Gamer β€’ Sports enthusiast