The Role of Insurance Marketing Organizations in Finding the Ideal Policy

Finding just the right insurance is essential to establishing financial security.

It can also be challenging. Hundreds of different companies make hundreds of promises. There are rates to compare and coverage different big and small. Whether it’s automobile, home, or health insurance, it’s often tough to know where to start and when to stop.

That’s where IMO insurance comes in. IMOs help people every day explore insurance policies tailored to their specific needs and wants, whether that includes a digital claims process, multiple policy discounts, or accessing it all through a seamless app.

Customers have a lot to gain from picking the right insurance company and a lot to lose by not finding the very best fit. Insurance marketing organizations are partners in finding the most cost-effective and comprehensive insurance solutions.

Insurance Marketing Organizations Explained

An insurance marketing organization is a type of field marketing organization that works independently from insurance companies, instead serving as a link between independent insurance agents and insurance carriers. When agents join an IM they have access to a carrier’s products, expertise, and, perhaps most importantly, its brand name.

IMOs such as Family First Life have numerous independent agents living across the United States, providing a personalized, in-person touch for those looking for life insurance. IMOs do not sell their own insurance but can offer a full range of options from different carriers.

Working with IMOs is a popular option for many in the U.S. For example, Family First Life has worked with over 1 million families leading to $150 billion in life insurance placements.

How it Works

Working in insurance can be beneficial, but the industry is consistently crowded and competitive. It can be scary for an insurance agent to go independent, whether they have had previous successes or not. IMOs help independent agents compete without the considerable support that comes with working for a company.

Eventually, independent agents commonly seek out IMOs to form appealing partnerships with carriers to expand their products, work together on marketing campaigns, and establish a career that can thrive.

Without working with an IMO, it is often difficult for independent agents to get a steady footing in the insurance industry.

Benefits of an IMO

While working for a large insurance company has its perks, there are numerous benefits to using an IMO. Most offer large, vested commissions on sales, something that is not a possibility when working for an insurance carrier. And if there is ever some reason to leave an IMO, independent insurance agencies can do so by just requesting a release while holding onto business books.

IMOs make it easy for insurance agents to get the detailed support they need when they are working with prospective clients. Many use updated technology, such as modern quoting tools and tools that help with general customer relationship management.

This can include everything from software to tracking client information and needs and calendar platforms. An IMO’s team typically offers 24/7 support for agent clients, can assign the best marketer for them to partner with, and lets agents know when annual sales certifications are needed for a range of different products.

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