What are Leads?

What are Leads?

In the sales industry, leads are the most common and most effective way to find new clients. There are a variety of different lead types, but the most popular, although difficult to find, are those of which people reach out directly to the company interested in their product and service. Unfortunately, outside of Family First Life, most leads that sales agents are accustomed to having limited data about the potential clients, or have nothing to do with the services offered at all. 

Generally speaking, most leads are misleading and they come with many strings attached.

Here are a few examples of the difficulties agents (and clients) are faced when agents are provided with low-quality leads: 

Convert Health Insurance Leads to Life Insurance Sales: 

Agents with scarce resources will purchase Health Insurance leads, then try to coerce the potential client to buy life insurance instead. Although Family First Life encourages life insurance for everyone, this type of sales tactic is strongly discouraged by our company. We hold our agents to a high standard and require them to be honest and direct with clients from the start of the conversation until the very end of their professional relationship. This tactic is also arguably more work for the agent and is oftentimes a waste of time and money.  There’s no such thing as a ‘sure sale’, but with this strategy, the sale probability decreases as clients often feel wronged or manipulated. 

Bait ‘n’ Switch: 

Some agents and companies will use this strategy to advertise something for free, for something that requires payment. For example, a client may think they are providing their information to learn more about ‘free’ childcare information but then will be approached by an agent trying to SELL something completely different. 

This sales strategy is EXTREMELY discouraged by Family First Life and we do not condone this practice. We partner with multiple carriers in the life insurance industry so that our clients are provided with the best, most versatile roster of products, ranging in price and benefits. Although life insurance isn’t free, we have affordable pricing that our agents are HONEST about from day one. With product quality like ours, there’s no need to lie. 

Limited Resources:

Outside of Family First Life, many life insurance agents are captive at their company which limits the number of leads they are provided or have access to each month. This means they are limited to a certain amount of leads and have to work the cards dealt in order to make a living. This can lead to client harassment, desperation, and an acute lack of income for the agent.

At Family First Life, our goal is to better the lives of our agents and the lives of our clients. We work hard to make sure our agents maintain their INDEPENDENCE so that they are not faced with lead limitations or lack of resources and can provide for their families. We strive for the best quality options for our agents so they can have Top Tier quality business for clients and their wallets. 

Tip For Agents: Converting leads to loyal customers will help you be successful within your business. By managing your leads in a structured way, you can increase both the numbers of leads you obtain and how many leads you convert into clients. 

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